Jon Burns is an artist and musician from Moline Illinois. He works in the visual mediums of painting, drawing, photography, graphic design, and videographer. He also works in the audio mediums of songwriting, live performance, as well as audio production and engineering.

As a fine artist he has shown pieces in galleries including Midcoast Fine Arts, Bucktown Center for the Arts, Rozz Tox, Blackhawk College, Peanut Gallery, and Mode Gallery.  As a graphic designer he works for Cartouche Records and Ragged Records.  As a musician he performs under the name Centaur Noir.

After graduating from Moline High School he studied fine art at Blackhawk College. In 2005 he was a founding member of the Art Con Gallery at Bucktown Center For The Arts in Davenport, Iowa. Since 2008 he has been owner and operator of his own personal gallery Sound and Vision Gallery in Moline, Illinois.